How can I get involved?

There is a Governance Council being established for each of the gTLDs with which we are associated. Accordingly, it is most important that an interested individual first identifies in which TLD s/he wishes to participate. With this decision made, an individual needs to visit that generic TLD homepage, submit the requested information, agree to the terms & conditions and participate in follow-up requests. A complete list of Governance Council pages can be found on the Home Page.

Creation of each Governance Council will take a different amount of time, subject to ICANN TLD award timelines and other factors. However, the process generally follows the following schedule:

  • Self-Nomination Period – Individuals will be allowed to self-nominate for Governance Council participation for several months; this includes an individual's ability to signal interest in running for the Governance Council's Board
  • Nomination Processing Period – Once all self-nominations have been received, the independent management company assigned to process inquiries will review submissions to ensure that they are complete and prepare election ballots for Board elections; this period will take approximately one month
  • Board Elections – With all self-nominations received and deemed complete, all Governance Council participants will vote for their Board representatives; elections will be open for a minimum of three weeks
  • Launch – Upon election of the Board, the newly-elected representatives will work with the independent management company to schedule its first meeting

Ongoing communications will be part of the process for creating each Governance Council and its associated Board. Individuals who self-nominate will receive updated communications via email to apprise them of the Governance Council status.