Welcome to the dot Men Governance Council!

The .Men Governance Council exists to provide a voice to the Internet community interested in the .Men generic top level domain (gTLD). When ICANN launched its new gTLD initiative years ago, corporations, governments, and other industry stakeholders expressed a desire to see mechanisms in place to ensure that key stakeholders had a voice in marshalling new gTLDs when launched. The .Men Governance Council has been created to provide this voice for the .Men TLD. It does not exist to dictate which domains may exist on a TLD, nor to censor content. Rather, the Governance Council and its elected Board will monitor, advise, and recommend best practices, including but not limited to the Abuse Prevention and Mitigation (APM) Seal reporting system, intellectual property rights protection, TLD rules, reserved second-level domain names, certification or authentication programs, and ensuring compliance with ICANN rules. Its Board will be comprised of 5-11 individuals selected by the industry and supported by an independent management company tasked with aiding in the Governance Council’s self-governance. The result will be that the .Men community—and interested governments around the world—can be sure that the .Men TLD is appropriately supported by the Internet community. Interested parties are encouraged to apply.

  • Recently Published Documentation

    Once the .Men Governance Council is active, documentation will be published for Governance Council members to review and comment on. Additionally, a document archive will be maintained for historical tracking purposes. Please check back once this Governance Council goes live, likely toward the end of 2013 or early 2014.

    Documentation containing proposals will typically be approved by the Board and then posted for a comment period to allow the entire Governance Council to provide feedback. Minutes of Board meetings and other relevant documentation will be posted for Governance Council access. The purpose is to ensure an appropriate feedback mechanism whereby the entire TLD community has the opportunity to get involved.

    Iain Roache, Chairman of Famous Four Media, and Domain Venture Partners commented, “We are committed to creating the Governance Council for the .Men TLD for the good governance of the TLD, which will be of exceptional benefit for internet users.” “This is the largest structural change in the global Internet infrastructure since the Internet began,” said Charles Melvin, COO of Domain Venture Partners

  • Want to get involved?

    If you are a member of the .Men community and have an interest in participating on the .Men Governance Council and/or Board of Directors, please self-nominate yourself by completing all forms below. Participation in the Governance Council and/or Board of Directors requires acceptance of the Terms & Conditions (next screen), and you will be informed via email of next steps once the self-nomination period begins.

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