Terms & Conditions

Participation on the Governance Council and/or Board is voluntary and entitles the participant only to the rights and privileges outlined in the Governance Council bylaws. Under no circumstances will a participant have any rights to intellectual property, physical property, or other assets that are the property of the Governance Council, the registry, or any affiliated companies.

Comments, ideas, or other forms of intellectual property (whether provided in written, verbal, or other form) shall be considered contributions to the Governance Council and will be free of royalties or other penalties. A participant agrees that all ideas are his or her own and that they are being offered in the best interest of the Governance Council without other considerations.

Participants agree to release the Governance Council, Board, registry, independent management company, and all affiliated companies from any and all liability associated with any Governance Council and/or Board activity. If participants intend to represent their employer, participant agrees that, by accepting these terms, the employer agrees to release these same entities from any and all liability.

A participant’s personal information may be used by and shared with the Governance Council, Board, independent management company, registry, and associated entities to the extent required to establish and manage the Governance Council. Information will not be sold or shared for marketing purposes.

Participation on the Governance Council is revocable, at the discretion of both the governing registry and resolutions that may be passed by the Governance Council Board.

All participants in the Governance Council and Board are expected to act in good faith and make decisions in the best interest of the TLD community. This requires setting aside personal, professional, and corporate interests when they conflict with the best interests of the TLD community. Participants agree that they are able to do this and that their employer(s) and other interested parties do not place restrictions on their ability to act in this manner.

Participants agree that documentation, agreements, meeting notes, minutes, and more shall be in the English language and that meetings shall be conducted solely in English—without the use of interpreters or mediators.

Participants agree that all Governance Council communications will be virtual in nature, meaning that written communications will be via email, posting on a website, or other forms of electronic communication. Participants also agree that meetings will be virtual in nature, meaning that they take place via telephone, electronic chat features, and/or online collaboration tools. Participants are solely responsible for all costs associated with these forms of communication.

Participants understand that there is no intention to hold in-person meetings for the purpose of conducting Governance Council and/or Board business. However, it is understood that a Board, in conjunction with the associated registry, may one day elect to conduct a face-to-face meeting. Participants acknowledge that this is a possibility and agree to make accommodations at their sole expense if necessary.

Participant understands that each Governance Council, its Board, and the associated registry may make changes from time-to-time to the bylaws or other governing documentation for the Governance Council. Participants will be informed of such changes via electronic communication and will have the right to terminate their participation if such modifications are unacceptable. Participants agree in advance that failure to terminate participation shall be construed as acceptance of the revised terms.